Shiatsu Moving Touch for Vitality, Health and Well-Being Svenja Schaper
Shiatsu Moving Touch for Vitality, Health and Well-BeingSvenja Schaper 

Shiatsu – Moving Touch is touch that moves us to feel connected to ourselves and our potential. It helps us to re-align on different levels to achieve greater integration of our physical body, mind, emotions and spirit.


Health is not simply the absence of illness. It is about feeling connected to life, full of vitality and happy in one’s skin.


A Shiatsu session allows you to become more aware of the parts of you that need attention, finding ways to re-connect to enable you to feel greater ease, more ‘whole’.

The very special quality of Shiatsu treatments lie in the interaction and connection between receiver and practitioner.  I act as facilitator between you and your body, mind and feelings.


Communication between myself and you as the receiver is vital, so that you can take an active part in your healing process. I invite feedback during and after treatments whilst creating times of quietness and stillness – listening to what ‘moves’ you and your body.


Shiatsu bodywork is a wonderful way of making space to connect with yourself through mindful touch. 

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