Shiatsu Moving Touch for Vitality, Health and Well-Being Svenja Schaper
Shiatsu Moving Touch for Vitality, Health and Well-BeingSvenja Schaper 

Would you like to …


  • reduce pain and tension in the body
  • feel looser and lighter
  • experience deep relaxation
  • lift your spirits and create greater balance
  • have more energy
  • improve immunity, circulation, digestion and/or breathing
  • address menstrual and reproductive health
  • re-align your body and improve your posture
  • enhance your well being

… then Shiatsu and Shin Tai bodywork is for you!


Treatments can help with acute aches and pains and relieve longer term patterns of stress and tension. Shiatsu and Shin Tai bodywork is a way to support anyone who wants to feel better – emotionally, physically and mentally.


For people of ALL ages - treatments are adapted to suit individual needs.

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