Shiatsu Moving Touch for Vitality, Health and Well-Being Svenja Schaper
Shiatsu Moving Touch for Vitality, Health and Well-BeingSvenja Schaper 

Shiatsu Shin Tai is a healing bodywork therapy developed by Saul Goodman. It expands on traditional Shiatsu, emphasising the flow of the two primary meridians: Governing Vessel (along the spine) and Conception Vessel (up the front of the body). Together with the Central Channel, these are the core energetic channels from which the classical meridians develop. 

Shiatsu Shin Tai works with our deepest energies and helps

  • to tap into the body’s own intelligence to discover alignment, vitality and flow
  • to activate the person’s own healing potential and mechanisms
  • to clear deeply held stress memories, past traumas and anxieties about the future which can keep us stuck in unproductive patterns
  • to recover Life Force that has become trapped in stress patterns so it becomes available for a healthier and more productive life

Becoming more physically aligned helps us to find better emotional and mental alignment in order to enjoy life fully in the present moment.

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