Shiatsu Moving Touch for Vitality, Health and Well-Being Svenja Schaper
Shiatsu Moving Touch for Vitality, Health and Well-BeingSvenja Schaper 

Shiatsu – what is it?

Shiatsu bodywork therapy originated in Japan, where it is a State recognised holistic form of physiotherapy. With its roots in Oriental Medicine, Shiatsu works energy channels called meridians and pressure points similar to Acupuncture.


By connecting to the body’s natural energy called ki in Japanese, Shiatsu aims to support and strengthen the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. 


Literally translated, shi means finger and atsu means pressure. Shiatsu practitioners however not only use fingers but also thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows etc. during treatments, while ensuring the receiver feels comfortable.


Shiatsu uses non-invasive touch: appropriate levels of pressure, stretches and holding, rocking and mobilisation of the spine, joint rotations, connective tissue relief techniques and working with the breath.

I may make recommendations that would help you with feeling more at ease, e.g. exercises to release the back or neck. Diet and life style can also be discussed where appropriate. Each session finishes with some rest time.


Treatments are usually given on a futon at floor level, but can be adapted to a couch to suit different needs. Receivers remain fully clothed and for maximum comfort wear loose type clothing such as when you go for Yoga.

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